Pronghorn CEO explains how Pronghorn Controls keeps safety as its first core value

Pronghorn Controls – Leading the Way in Safety Innovation At Pronghorn Controls, safety isn’t just a policy; it’s our core value. Our president & CEO Yves Tremblay recently shared his insights with Canadian Occupational Safety. In this poignant interview, he discusses the early, personal experiences that fuel his relentless drive towards a zero-harm workplace. Tremblay…


COS 5-Star Safety Cultures 2024-01

COS 5-Star Safety Cultures 2024 3rd year running

We are proud to announce that for the 3rd year in a row, Pronghorn received a  Canadian Occupational Safety – 5 Star Safety Cultures award.   This award is presented to organizations who have demonstrated exemplary dedication to workplace safety.   Pronghorn’s President & CEO said,”I am always proud when Pronghorn is recognized for our safety culture.   This…



2023 was another Zero Harm Year at Pronghorn,  the 2nd in a row!  We define a Zero Harm Year as completing an entire calendar year without incurring any Recordable Injuries, thereby achieving a TRIF (Total Recordable Injury Frequency) of 0.0.  We also did this in 2010, 2018, 2019, 2022 – pretty amazing!

Canada’s Safest Employer Awards 2023

This Year Canadian Occupational Safety hosted the Gala on October 19, 2023,  for the first time in person since 2019.   Pronghorn won awards of Excellence in the Canada’ s Safest Employers Best Health & Safety Culture, Canada’s Best Employer for Young Workers and CEO of the Year categories.   Pronghorn’s President & CEO, Yves Tremblay was a finalist in the CEO…


June 2023 – None in a Million

On June 22, 2023 Pronghorn reached None in a Million – 1,000,000 hours worked without a recordable injury incident!

May 2023 – 5 Million LTI Free

In May 2023, Pronghorn completed 5,000,000 hours of work without a lost time incident. This is an amazing achievement and our President & CEO, Yves Tremblay had this to say ”This achievement is industry leading and by definition every person within our organization contributed to making this happen – thank you for making Safety First…


Canadian Occupational Safety 5 STAR SAFETY AWARD

We are proud to announce that Pronghorn received a Canadian Occupational Safety – 5-Star Safety Culture award.   This award recognizes organizations for deploying a diverse set of tools and workplace policies to ensure the well-being of employees.   Pronghorn’s President & CEO said,” This award did not happen without the involvement of all of our employees. …


2022 – Zero Harm Year

2022 was another Zero Harm Year for Pronghorn. There were no recordable injuries and a calendar TRIF of 0.0 in 2022.   The trailing 3year TRIF of 0.34 positions Pronghorn squarely on top of the industry in terms of safety performance and a strong safety culture.   This milestone was previously achieved in 2019, 2018 and 2010 so…


Canada’s Safest Employer Awards 2022  

This Year Canadian Occupational Safety hosted the Gala virtually on October 20, 2022. Pronghorn won Awards of Excellence in the Best Health & Safety Culture and CEO of the Year categories.   Pronghorn’s President & CEO, Yves Tremblay was a finalist in the CEO of the Year and was recognized for his strong safety leadership and…


December 2021 – 4 Million LTI Free

In December 2021, Pronghorn successfully completed 4,000,000 hours of work without a lost time incident.  The magnitude of this achievement is remarkable.  Yves Tremblay, President & CEO said, Four million hours represents approximately 2,000 employees working for an entire year without an employee sustaining an injury serious enough to miss their next shift. Many organizations…


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