Pronghorn is committed to supporting renewable energy projects. We have positioned ourselves to offer leading edge solutions to this growth sector.


Pronghorn is an established mainstream supplier of electrical services to the commercial & industrial sectors. With all sizes of projects,...

Pronghorn can support your projects and maintenance. Please contact us for more information or for a quotation.


For over 40 years Pronghorn has prided itself on the reputation we have built supporting Western Canada’s Energy sector. This is where our core business was established and ...

where we remain committed to enhancing our business support offering. For all your oil and gas construction and maintenance needs, Pronghorn is your one stop shop. Please contact us for more information or a quotation on your next project.


Pronghorn is an established preferred integrator of Cryptocurrency Data Mining and Cloud Storage computing equipment. We pride ourselves on supporting the dynamic needs of our customer’s projects...

and provide support in both the U.S and Canada. Please contact us for more information or for a quote on your next Data project.


Pronghorn is emerging as a leader in the Ag Services side. With extensive experience with innovative industrial applications, Pronghorn is a leader in integrating Agricultural systems into today’s modern operations.


Pronghorn has extensive experience in maintenance programs as well as a variety of capital projects in the mining resource sector. Please contact us for more information or for a quote on maintenance service offerings.


Pronghorn utilizes the most up to date equipment and processes to gauge the production performances and regulation of machinery and storage systems for our clients’ investment in key capital assets.

Burner Management

Pronghorn’s Combustion Division offers certified and skilled Combustion Services Technicians who provide full burner service maintenance and installation (compliant with CSA b149.3) for all makes and models of Flame Fired Combustion Burner Units.


Pronghorn has extensive experience in the commissioning of new build startups. Our technical know-how is been recognized by our clients, and Pronghorn has been at the forefront of technical advances in order to be responsive to client requirements.


Efficient Preventative Maintenance (PM) reduces or eliminates unplanned and costly production breakdowns.  Sophisticated testing and control systems diagnose problems and allow for corrective action before they adversely impact revenue generation.


Pronghorn provides robust, high quality field and plant equipment to complement the direct professional services of our skilled and experienced technicians.  A broad range of rentals is available at competitive rates and prompt delivery.

Fibre Optics

Pronghorn’s Communications and Fibre Optics Division offers certified and trained communications Technicians who are here to support our new construction and communications needs.  We pride ourselves in being able to offer this service as part of our whole, one-stop service offering....

We are a CORNING NPI (Network of Preferred Installers) approved installer, which ensures our technicians are trained by Corning.  This certification enables us to offer an extended warranty of 25 years for our installations that meet Corning’s design requirements.