Tourmaline/Pronghorn Safety Milestone

April 2019 – Tourmaline/Pronghorn Safety Milestone

On April 26, 2019 Pronghorn completed one million hours working on Tourmaline sites without a Lost Time Incident.   We are proud of this significant safety milestone, an achievement for both Pronghorn and Tourmaline which represents almost ten years of work execution.

Yves Tremblay, President & CEO said, “I cannot thank Tourmaline enough for their commitment to holding safety as a core value over these many years of busy facility construction.  This huge accomplishment took dedication, teamwork and focus from both the Tourmaline and Pronghorn employees to make it happen!”   Tourmaline commented,” Well done! Thanks for making safety a huge priority every day….your work safe and get the job done mentality….compliments Tourmaline’s goals.”